The idea behind the site is to locate those deep, replayable games that may fall under the radar but are heavily played by their fans. A lot of playing time might mean good replayability and depth which could indicate quality and value for money.

Short description: Look at the columns Hours 2w and Players 2w. This shows how many hours these players spent during the latest two weeks in the game.
Days 20+ shows how many days the "Hours 2w" field has been more than 20 hours in the timesteam database since 7th December 2017 when the database was last reset.

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The idea behind the web site is to list Steam games based on average playing time by their players.

I always look for deep, replayable and rewarding games and I believe high average playing time might be an indication that the game has these qualities once you get into it.

While SteamSpy does offer this possibility it is not obvious how to find it out. I decided to ask Sergey Galyonkin (@SteamSpy on twitter) who runs SteamSpy if I could create a web site using their data and he kindly agreed.

Fields description (Click 'Show More Data' in order to view all these):

Statistics are fetched via the SteamSpy API and we provide links so that you can verify the information. Note however that there may be a slight delay since we don't fetch data in realtime in order to avoid putting strain on the SteamSpy API.
The games are sorted initially on the web server by the data field Average Playing Time the last 2 weeks. At this time we display the top 300 games in every category/genre.
Since they have their own categories, the Free and Early Access games are not included in the other categories unless you specifically check those boxes.
Also, games with less than 10 average users last two weeks are not included unless you decide to check the box. Some of them seem to have unproportionally high playing times for various reasons. Perhaps there is heavy testing by developers going on or someone just keeping the game running. The table made more sense without them.

Oh, by the way - if you decide to sort the table yourself the sorting is done client side. If things get messy, just reload the page!



PS. The name timeSteam is also a bit of a homage to the British television series Time Team. One could consider our goals similar in that we aim to dig up those old treasures:) D.S